“To play it out is the most natural self healing method childhood affords.” – Eric Erickson

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Parent Messages

Our daughter spent 8 wonderful sessions with Jodi for some behavioural issues.  She loved each moment with Jodi and felt special right from the very first session.  Even with a six week break over the holidays, the sessions and progress with our daughter did not lose any of it’s continuity.  Our daughter emerged from her therapy a very happy, content and confident little girl.  We felt that she had done more than a 180 degree turnaround, if that is possible! Jodi’s feedback sessions to us were always highly professional, very informative and most helpful.  We felt that we were co-therapists with her and it helped us manage our daughter at home when she was away from Jodi.  Jodi taught our daughter wonderful coping skills that she is able to translate into her everyday life and she has continued to do so even some months later.  We found Jodi to be most pleasant, very knowledgeable in her subject and warmly understanding of our daughter’s issues and her needs.  We highly recommend Jodi and will always be very grateful to her for the part she played in our daughter’s life.

- Terence and Cindy Peter-Bowyer.



I was referred to Jodi when my son was at a cross roads in his life. He was not coping at school or home and was struggling to come to terms with his parents separating. After his sessions with Jodi, my son changed dramatically and was able to cope and function again. My son had been with a multitude of therapists, but Jodi was the first one to actually see him for the special child that he is. I would not have been able to get him to where he is today without her intervention. I would gladly recommend her to any other parents who are feeling like there is no hope.

- C Cato



My daughter was a shy, quiet and introverted little girl.  After 6 sessions with Jodi her confidence had improved, she was working hard on being more assertive with her peers and was able to communicate and engage with adults. She has continued to grow using the tools that Jodi taught her during therapy.  She has gone from not saying a word in class and shying away from the spot light to being one of the main characters in a school play.

- Robyn Barnard