Tooth fairy-how ‘rich’ are you?

How much should you give a child for losing a tooth? Is there a difference in price from the 1st tooth lost to the last milk tooth? Should there be a consensus amongst friends that they each give their children the same amount? These are but some of the many questions that I aim to [...]

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Let’s give our kids a break!

Please find the link below for an article published in The Argus regarding children having too many afterschool activities. It was a privildege to be apart of informing readers about the stress our children are experiencing. Happy reading!

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Should multiples be separated?

Jodi Lord (Child Play Therapist, practicing in Cape Town: Southern Suburbs)     I have recently written an assessment report in which I recommended that a set of Grade 1 twin boys be put into the same class next year. This obviously spurred on some thought and I have since done some research on the [...]

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