How to listen to our children – hints

I often hear parents say: “My child does not listen to me.” My immediate response is: “Are you really listening to your child?” Here are some handy hints on how to listen to your child Mother going down to her daughter’s level in order to make eye-contact For me, the most important tip is to [...]

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Let’s give our kids a break!

Please find the link below for an article published in The Argus regarding children having too many afterschool activities. It was a privildege to be apart of informing readers about the stress our children are experiencing. Happy reading!

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Not enough play

I have recently been asked to comment on the effects of when children have too many extra-mural activities and sports and they don’t have enough time to play. When is too much, just too much? As a therapist, I often struggle trying to find a timeslot, in the afternoons, to see children. How important is [...]

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